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We have started our journey back in 2011 as a supplier of quality raw materials to corporate clients. Over the years, we have enriched our market position by supplying the best quality MSG raw material. Our dedication and aspirational goal, quality products, dynamic sales force, committed delivery system, global partnership enhanced our customers value proposition and market share. In 2017 we have registered as “Trust Infinity Firms Bangladesh” and introduced 2 popular brands in the market named “SAAD” and “Savory”. Savory is the flagship brand of the company.

In 2019 we have leveraged Savory brand by forming a company Savory Food Limited and stepping forward to retail market. We have launched our first products in the same year and successfully grab the attention of housewives and chefs by providing the perfect taste in food items. 
The product category of savory is enriched with perfect mixture of spices that gives the perfect texture of spices and meets the taste level of Bangladeshi peoples. Now we have 7 product-lines and 40 products and 70 SKUs in the market. We are delivering Savory products every corner of the country through our distribution partners and modern trade platform. The featured products of Savory are – Aromatic Chinigura Rice, Haleem Mix, Chatpati Masala, Breadcrumbs, Isubgul, Molasses Brown Sugar etc.


Ensure delicious and healthy food supply into every plate, everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .


Change the food habit of consumers by making delicious taste of everyday menu. Using natural and healthy ingredients in every sachet we are supplying.       



Food safety is the top of priority. Our core value is to be transparent in food manufacturing and supplying healthy food in affordable price. Bringing delicious green food from planet to plate is our moto. Every mind of our team working to give you best possible food experience.

Md. Liton Akanda
Managing Director & CEO

We firmly believe that hard work and dedication can take you to the place you can always cherish about. We always give priority to our customers by providing the best products and services. We always try to work as a family in our organization and would like to provide best working environment to our employees for best results. Savory Food ltd. is liable in honesty and dedication and persuasion.

As individuals and as a team we conquer the best output for our customers and always will be adding value for the best purpose.

Most. Mohsina Akter Lubna

Savory Food has newly started their journey with lots of hope and dedication. Our journey has started with minimal amount of product in line but we would like to acquire the market as soon as possible. We are confident enough to achieve our goal within time limit. We believe, If we work as a team any impossible things can be possible.


Md. Rayhan Hossain
Sr.Executive (Corporate Sales)

He is supporting all corporate clients more than 3 years. He is dedicated to ensure deliver goods on time to streamlining client business. Any industrial raw materials purchase requirement, please contact with him. He is waiting to talk with you more details on that.

Md. Touhidul Islam
Executive, Modern Trade

Mr. Md. Touhidul Islam working with us as a capacity of Executive  Modern Trade. He is leading the modern trade sales. Those who are interested to sales Savory food products through online or super shop, please contact with him. He is waiting to serve your all queries and establishing winning sales partnership with us.


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